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PostSubject: SCUM FACEBOOK UPDATE 4-6-11   Sat Apr 23, 2011 6:41 pm

Sup Scumfux,
sorry if this one is gonna be shorter, been sick and most of the week been handling business working on the new Strong Survive venue (LSP n Slo Pain) we are going to be opening early this summer for most of our events (any anyone else interested in throwing shows thats legit)...the good news is if that shit goes through Ill be able to tour a lot more and do more music since I wont have to work a regular job any longer....so keep ur fingers crossed for us!
As far as label related news...I am working on a collab with one of my major influences growing up and getting into this rap shit which will be on their upcoming release and its something that I really look forward to and am very pleased with so wait for the announcement, shit is gonna split wigs! New products are on the way so those of u mad that www.gorehop.com is running low on items I apoligise and we didnt expect such a busy month n more items moving then estimated but restocks are on the way and so are the new items! I also do have a couple of handmade silver LSP charms which are more of a high end item so not sure if they will go up on the site since there are only a couple, if u wanna get one, hit me up at scum412@hotmail.com they r $80 plus shipping, silver is fucking pricey and these r extra dope but our regular stainless steel ones r still available and are same $25 they always was. I also got Scum and LSP pipes in red, green and black and Scum and LSP dugouts in stock which we cant sell through the shop so if u wanna get high (I mean smoke some tobacco or something else legal) and rep gorehop while doing so hit me up!
Theres a new single on my Reverbnation page, drop me some feedback and if u fuckers like all this new shit we r dropping on that page and want that shit to continue hit the page up with sum facebook "likes" so I know u motherfuckas r feeling it and we will do our part to keep all the events and music updated on it while my myspace is all fucked up and I havent touched it much lately, if it wasnt for my homie Shagrow that shit wouldnt event be updated...anyone who wrote me on there and didnt get a reply I apoligise, havent been on in forever, shoot me an email or hit me up through Reverbnation...Preacher X is in process of working on the DVD art for Black Xmas as well as digitizing 2 SICK ass Foetusgrubber designs as promissed in the last post, we are working on another track with Insane Poetry and I am currently writing to the totle track for the Hate Magnet project...I apoligise to all of u that been waitiing on this release, I love dropping Hate Magnet trax just been beyond busy but thats another thing this venue can create time for...all I can say is the beats that Sick hooked up for this shit r off the fucking shains and shit is gonna be as brutal as u can expect...if u havent already check out the new Death4Told video on www.youtue.com/gorehoptv these motherfuckas are once again proving that there is such thing as too much weed, lol
Thats about it for now, I will be back in the studio this week after tomorrows show with Saint Dog n The DRP (also featuring Insane Poetry, Draztik, Troll, Dejangles, TWGW, and more) working on new materials and hope to see some of u at tomorrows show! Stay Sick, till next time,

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