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 4horsemen unholy ressurrection reviewed by the man himself

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PostSubject: 4horsemen unholy ressurrection reviewed by the man himself   Thu Apr 30, 2009 12:24 am

Four Horsemen -Unholy Ressurrection

1.Message Intro - The sheer number of people showin love on this is staggering,Thx you guys. I got alot of luv 4 yall too

2.Wake up (Sicktanick,Scum, & Preacher-x)Definately feel that intro, Man this song is fuckin amazing!! It might just be the realest and best thing yall ever did!! I ain't just sayin that cause it's about me it just seems so composed and well done. Love the beat and the guitar laden hook. Yall all show out on this one. I luv it alot,its been on repeat for like 15 minutes lol Shit is real will bring a tear to your eye.

3.Down For Whatever(Scum) Love the sample (from one my fav films,wild) Scum's flow is awesome and the hook is smooth, makes you wanna sing along. I can hear this track on OBLB Good job on the beat and mixing Fiasco,seems very smooth and good job Scum

4.I Am Everything (Preacher-X) From the getgo I can feel the darkness of this track. Ya know what Preach it does sound alot like black metal you've got the piano and guitar mixed in their perfect. The vocals are hot man. tons of energy there. You and Dmn did a good job mixing that shit down thats alot to mix.

5.Unholy Execution(SickTanick Tha Souless) Don't know where he found that sample lol that shit will make you laugh. From early on I am feeling these lyrics. Wow this hook is good! One of Sick's best I have heard by Sick. He's spittin knowledge on this and I agree on many points.

6.Keep Fighting(Scum)- Whoa!!!! I made this beat. I am nodding my head feeling these lyrics. Damn this shit is deep. Thank you Scum your a true friend!!!! this outro is great. To have any of the horsemen on my beats is truly an honor, you shine on this bro and yes you kept it wicked and a lil softer.

7.Pestilence(4 Horsmen) Guess I shouldn't review this but fuck it I will. This song really lets you know what the four horsemen is about. The first verse is by me,on this I really pushed myself on the speed of this so the fans would like get something really cool with this like the elite of the elite or something. Preach is next and his lyric work conjurs vivid mental pictures of the end of days. The guy's vocals are cool and got that raw energy and raspiness you love if your a metalhead .When I heard Scum's part I just thought I had flowed fast lmao He really did good on this
Scum is the king of flow that shit is so smooth and technical. Last but not least is SickTanick, he really surprised me on this with his speed and technicality on this proving he's very adaptable. His lyric work is nice on this and makes you think when you hear it. The hook-I was goin for a modern metal kinda sound with a lil scream and a lil sing
say like Chimaira,Shadows Fall or Killswitch Engaged. Now I ain't no Barry Manilow or nothing lol but I felt the part needed it. And I guess it turned out alright. Overall its a great song and any fans of us four ought to feel this shit.

8.Without Your Head(Ress,Scum,Preacher-X) One of the last things I recorded. Have not heard what they have done with it till now. Basically on my verse your typical homicidal villain is out in the woods stalkin some dumb teens aka friday the 13th lol The hook is something I was feeling the energy on and hope everyone else does. Tryed to be fast and catchy on this. Next is Scum,he is str8t up killin boys on this. I can say he approached this in a very unique way, very adaptable nice work bro. Preach is tellin people what we about on this. His verse is sweet and I love the last line as it shows his power.

9.Outro(Desecrated) this is cool man and reminds me of my work in ambient power electronics with a buildup, it was "He Would Drown" on N.C.C. Records sometime i'll send it to you. Nice man!!! its thick as hell and dark. Thank You Desecrated.

Overall I love this cd and hope others do too. Its really a dream come true to see this is done and real and I can touch it. Cover art on this is Amazing too!!! Preach really did good on this. I definately recommend his artwork to any of you budding musicians. He works really cheap and does a hell of a job. This is a very emotional cd. Now its obvious others may not feel the same way I do when I hear it. But I guarantee you can feel these tracks if you can feel any music. Cause thats what real musicians know I hope this ain't the last horsemen cd and there are many more to come. But we will see what happens in the future. Scum is right icu won't tell you shit if you ain't blood related. Fuckin privacy laws.
Preach I hope I am the "Ressurrector" lol guess I am that in a way now. Look forward to Fall Sick can't wait to hear your next cd and thx for the shoutout/love on Wakeup. And I think the candles and alters must have worked hehe cause here I am lol

Reviewed by Ressurrector


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4horsemen unholy ressurrection reviewed by the man himself
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