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 Lyrics "The Madness" ...want feedback

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PostSubject: Lyrics "The Madness" ...want feedback   Sat Feb 21, 2009 12:34 pm

It's about three famous mad scientists...

Dr. Frankenstein
The invisible man
Dr. Jeckyll, Mr Hyde

Well it seems to me to be a little predicament
seein how i need to see ya bleed with dissembodiment
of ur soul and body that i can control not whole
but with many body parts i've taken at belltole
midnight strickes and lightning lights the skies
and time now is near...time to open your eyes..
Time for the world to see that love is not lost
through regeneration of tissue human instinct at cost
i can make it all happen just flick of the switch
raise the platform a bit turn the nob 2 clicks
Get the body fully prepped put the probe in place
open the window on the roof, no time to waste
Pull the lever, so clever, natures power devowered
lightening is picking up can't afford to be a coward
everything is ready and the hour is neigh!!
come alive!! COME ALIVE!! for DR. Frankenstein!!

Chorus X2:
I know u call me crazy, say my intentions are bad
i hear your words they Echoe...he's going going going MAD!!!

Through the world in amaze a daze i slave constant
over a way to make life just less of a problem
just the right formula and i could top them all
leavin the world far behind in shock and awe
mix a little of this with a drop of that
watch the colors start to change as i mix my vat
chemicals collide as i stir them inside
my drink for the night ahh...goes down just right
but i feel kinda funny i can feel it happening
as i grab my stomach quick and hit the floor screaming
something didn't feel right maybe just sideaffect
but then i pass right out too tired to check
waking up i look at myself to see the results of plan
Moving over to the mirror as quick as i can
There's nothing to see but i'm standin right there
YES! YES! IT WORKS!!! I'm the invisible man!!

Chorus X2:
I know u call me crazy, say my intentions are bad
i hear your words they Echoe...he's going going going MAD!!!

I look at the world over the city and pity
these low life forms walkin around potential plenty
with the right mixture i could bring out the best
show the world i'm not crazy and tower over the rest
This perfect human being is simply a mixture
bring out their true selves their human natures
i know i've done wrong and i try to hide
but all will be well by the end of the night
The past is past and i bury it quick
No need to see the side of me that some may call sick
So now here i am mixin matching and testing
it's ready now i drink it all steaming and fizzing
something went wrong i'm all weak and sweaty
collapsing over the table breakin almost everything
I crawl across the floor and look in the glass at an evil eye
u just witnessed the transformation of dr. jekyll to mr. hyde.

Chorus X2:
I know u call me crazy, say my intentions are bad
i hear your words they Echoe...he's going going going MAD!!!
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Lyrics "The Madness" ...want feedback
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